The Primary classroom, the Cabin, is a custom-built log cabin building from Scandinavia, set in the School grounds.  Here, a full Montessori primary provision is offered.  The children’s work is now more academic: maths and language, history and geography, zoology, ecological studies, music, a second language, arts and crafts, physics and chemistry, algebra and geometry.  We aim to give a sound introduction to all these subjects as preparation for secondary school.

While the National Curriculum is not compulsory for us, it is a good guide to what we should include, and while we do not necessarily test the children, their progress is carefully recorded, monitored and measured against individual learning targets so that we know what our children are achieving from day to day.

We have a superbly designed range of teaching apparatus which enables the children to develop an understanding of a subject.  They learn not just how to get something right but to understand on a deeper level why it works the way it does.  Our Montessori approach presents endless opportunities among the children for mutual help, which is joyfully given and gratefully received, allowing all to reach higher levels of scholastic attainment.

Children leave here to go to a number of different secondary schools, including the Skipton grammar schools, Ripon Grammar School, Bradford Grammar School, Ilkley Grammar School, Upper Wharfedale School and Giggleswick School.      The School has regularly enjoyed success in enabling children to move on to the school of their choice. Particulars of the school’s academic performance during the preceding school year, including the results of any public examinations are available upon request. Please contact Mr Lord for further information regarding this.