Here is some useful information for parents of children at Wharfedale Babies:


Nursery holiday dates 2017 18

All parents are welcome to drop in at the Nursery to see the staff and talk over their child’s progress at any time, but especially when dropping off and collecting their children.

The children at Wharfedale Babies have a home-nursery diary, which can be used by us and by parents as a joint means of recording daily comments about the child’s activities.  We extend a warm welcome to all parents, and grandparents, to visit the Nursery at any time to observe the children, check their celebration file, or take part in helping with events and activities, where appropriate.

The role of parents is a key component of the Montessori philosophy, concerned with the development of the whole individual.  It almost goes without saying that parents play a vital role in their child’s development by providing a home environment in which the child can learn the crucial life lessons.  A child’s moral development is best served by caring parents who treat their child with the respect they themselves would like to receive.

Above all, our goal is a common one – ultimately to ensure that we serve the needs of your child and of all the other children who together form our community.