Excellence in Education

At Wharfedale Montessori School, we offer an education to our children using the Montessori approach (see further information on this by visiting the Montessori page on this site).   The School offers places for children from 2½ to 12 years of age, and Wharfedale Babies offers nursery places to children from 6 months to 2½ years of age.  Both the School and the Nursery are situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Wharfedale, in a setting adjacent to Strid Wood SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).  

We have two classrooms, the Pre-School classroom, Children’s House, at Strid Cottage, where the main School office and Principal’s office are also located, and the Primary classroom in th

Children’s House

The Cabin, a custom-built log cabin building from Scandinavia, set in the school grounds.

Choosing the right School and learning environment for their child is probably one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make. It is even harder when faced with so much debate and division over the rights or wrongs of tests, league tables, and general shifts in education policy.

At Wharfedale Montessori School our aim is to enable children to achieve their full potential, to be happy, to grow in knowledge and confidence, to have a good self-image and eventually to be able to go out into a fast changing problem-laden society confidently with well-developed skills, initiative and enthusiasm; able to find their place, enjoy it and do well.

Mrs Lord with grand-daughter, Cecily

 School and College Principal, Mrs Jane Lord, is an approved MCI lecturer and examiner, and has over 35 years’ teaching experience in the early years field.  She has been responsible for founding and successfully running two schools in the time she has been teaching.  Mrs Lord has four children, one of whom, Imogen, was Head Teacher of the Montessori  School of Grand Cayman in the British West Indies and is now a senior practitioner in a Montessori school in Devon.  Mrs Lord’s husband, Mr Graham Lord, is also a Mont’ Dip and has Mont’ Dip Advanced Primary Level qualification.  He is head of the Primary School at Wharfedale Montessori. 

As well as holding a Montessori Teaching Diploma, Mrs Lord is qualified as an Adult Education and Training Tutor and holds a City and Guilds 730/7 Certificate in Adult Education.  She also provides external lectures and workships, and  regularly attends training conferences at MCI in London.

  She is passionate about the benefits of the Montessori approach and dedicated to ensuring top quality practice and provision in line with the key elements of Dr Montessori’s philosophy. 

Wharfedale Montessori School opened in 1990 and its college (then delivering Montessori St Nicholas Teacher Training) in 1992.