Here is what a parent of one of our past pupils has to say about her son’s time at Wharfedale Montessori, and about Montessori education in general:

Life after Montessori

Here we are two and a half years after Max left Wharfedale Montessori and I can now look back at how a Montessori approach influences and affects what he is doing today.

I believe one of the most important things it has given Max is a confidence and an independence to follow his interests. Music plays a large part in Max’s life and he has had the confidence to develop this and participate in Orchestras at both County and National level.

Taking Montessori to Secondary School

In the Primary Class the children were responsible for managing and organising their day. Going into the world of “Homework” for the first time at Secondary School could have been difficult to get to grips with……not at all. Max simply applied the organisational skills he had acquired in the Primary Class and as result he organises his homework schedule each week and all gets done and handed in on time. Having this independence is a real asset.

Choosing GCSE subjects

It is interesting that the subjects that Max is about to choose to study at GCSE are the very subjects that grabbed his interest at Primary School, languages – French and German (what a distinct advantage starting French at a young age has been), history and of course music.


I can say without doubt that Max’s time at Wharfedale Montessori opened his mind in such a way that he was able to pursue his interests to the full and I’m sure this will continue throughout his life.


Anne Heaton